Stumptown Wellness made the difficult decision to close the studio and massage treatment room in March 2020, per Governor Brown's orders.  We still do not feel it is possible to re-open at this time.  Please everyone: get vaccinated, practice personal distancing, wear masks, and stay safe and healthy.  Stay tuned. Namaste!


Welcome to Stumptown* Wellness (formerly Stumptown Yoga), a neighborhood yoga and massage studio in southeast Portland. The studio is a labor of love and a work in progress.  We offer accessible, family-friendly, and affordable classes for all levels and therapeutic massage for whatever ails you. Through movement and touch, we want to make you happier and healthier. 


*Portland was nicknamed "Stumptown" in the mid-nineteenth century when the city rapidly cut down trees to make room for expansion.  There wasn't enough manpower to remove the stumps, just the trees (especially in the southeast section), and the stumps were whitewashed and used to navigate and keep from sinking in the ever present mud.  Thus, the studio is an homage to the city's scrappy beginning (not to the coffee).