when should i arrive?

the studio doors open 15 minutes before class begins. please arrive early enough to get your mat and props set up so that class may start on time, usually about 5 minutes before class starts. if you’re new to the studio, give yourself an extra 5 minutes so that you can fill out paperwork. studio doors are locked 5 minutes after class begins.

what should i wear?
soft, stretchy, form fitting clothing is best for yoga. clothing that is restrictive (e.g. nylon running shorts or board shorts) will hinder your ability to get into many poses; clothing that is very loose (especially t-shirts) can fall into your face, and hinders the teacher's ability to see your body's alignment.

do i need a mat?
if you have a mat, please bring it with you. if not, we have loaner mats available for free at the studio. we also offer free mat storage.

where do i put my stuff?
there are shelves for shoes and other personal belongings in the front room of the studio. the front door is locked during class so that your possessions are protected.

should i bring water?
please bring a reusable water bottle if possible. we have filtered water in the studio. we recommend hydrating before and after class, and minimizing drinking water during your practice.

should i eat before class?
eating immediately before you practice might cause you to feel uncomfortable or lethargic. it's best to eat at least two hours before class. if you need to eat closer to class time, a small piece of fruit is best.

where should i park?
there is ample street parking on the side streets near the studio. please be mindful not to block our neighbors' driveways.

anything else i should know?
please don't wear shoes into the studio.

please avoid wearing perfumes, oils or other strongly scented body products as many people are sensitive to scents, even natural ones.

please keep your voices soft before and after class.

please don't bring your cell phone or other electronic devices into the studio.

if you would like to use the shower after class, please bring a towel.